About us

The Gyerekekre Hangolva Foundation (Tuned on Children Foundation) started at 2014 in Hungary, Hatvan.

Our main objectives are the following:

  • Support families in childbearing and growing them.
  • Support women during pregnancy.
  • Organize quality oriented free-time activities for families.
  • Contribute to healthy and balanced development of youth, work on prevention of harmful addictions.
  • Caring for talent, organize activities and programs to help found environmentally conscious thinking and behavior.
  • Children and youth advocacy

Completed projects:

  • Unconventional classroom (history and literature)
  • On-line quiz for students about history
  • Create activity workbooks for preschoolers and students
  • Make educational materials and resources
  • Musical talent caring (Dalvarázs Show Kórus / Melody-magic Show Choir)
  • Find survivors of GULAG (Soviet forced labor camps, also known as „corrective labor camps”) and make recollection interviews with them to save memories on video and written publication.
  • “Citizens of Hatvan in soviet corrective labor camps” titled research work and publication
  • Organize summer-camps
  • Promote voluntary work
  • Other objective-related events and workshops